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Corporate Screening's VWS Service empowers your organization because it puts you in control of what screening criteria are used when vetting your non-employees. From criminal backgrounds to drug screening, to employment verification and more...Corporate Screening works closely with your company to analyze what type of data should be compiled and reported for each position. Corporate Screening's VWS Service eliminates the question as to whether a background screening from another organization fits your company's criteria.

Furthermore, Corporate Screening's robust technology help you better manage the screening process itself, through proprietary technology that gives you and the non-employee quick, accurate and efficient online access to data entry and results.

Let's say that you work with a hospital that has hired a per diem nurse on a contractual basis. Before the nurse can start you need to run the hospital-mandated background check. You tell the nurse to sign up for the screening online by providing a website address and a custom promotional code tied to your organization for the application process. The nurse completes the application online and within a short timeframe the results are communicated confidentially to both the nurse and the responsible party at the hospital. The flexible program even allows for the screening to be candidate-funded.

Corporate Screening also augmented the VWS Service technology for industries that require additional turnkey services as it pertains to their vendor workforce:

-Self Schedule Drug Testing: this technology is revolutionary and unique in that it allows candidates to quickly locate and schedule their drug screening appointments with an approved collection site

-ImmuniTrax™: this one-of-a-kind, web-based immunization tracking and compliance system eliminates what is often a manual paper process and reduces administrative time 25% to 30%. The candidate uploads immunization documents via the web-based system while organization administrators can view and manage the records online, which exceeds HIPAA and FERPA requirements.

Contact your Corporate Screening account representative today to learn how to put Corporate Screening's VWS Service to work for your company.

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